14 Acts of Kindness

This Valentine’s Day, spread love and kindness to those in your community.

At Nate’s, we strive to live by six different bee attitudes, and “bee loving” emphasizes that we serve our community and team members with kindness each and every day. While we aim to “bee loving” all year round, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to focus on spreading love and kindness to those in our lives.

To support you and your family, we encourage you to try our “14 Acts of Kindness” craft to create moments that show each other your appreciation and love, not just on Valentine’s Day but on the days surrounding it too. Plus, it’s an adorable craft to do with your kiddos and family for a little togetherness!

Spreading the Love

First, come up with various acts of kindness. Brainstorm together as a family and see what acts are important and valuable to your loved ones!

Maybe you decide to give 5 hugs one day or help a neighbor in need on the next day. You could perform acts of service around the house, such as doing laundry for the person who tackles it most often, bringing your parent coffee or breakfast in bed or making dinner for your family’s usual chef. Writing a note to each person in your home telling them how much you care about them or scheduling some “no screen time” with a loved one are super sweet ways to connect in kindness.

Outside of the home, make and share Valentine’s Day fudge with a person at work or school during the day. Or simply spend an extra 5 minutes and ask how a neighbor is doing.

Each list can be tailored to the acts of kindness or service needed in your home and community. Use this as an opportunity to help your family and friends and to remind them how much you care about them. Get creative with it!

Building Your Hearts

Now that you’ve brainstormed your acts of kindness, it’s time to create your bottle of hearts.

What you’ll need:

  • Red, pink and orange construction paper
  • Straws or tongue depressors
  • Empty Nate’s honey bottle
  • Rice
  • Black marker or pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue

What you’ll do:

Cut out 14 hearts about 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches from the red, pink and orange construction paper. With a black pen or marker, write one act of kindness on the front of each heart, using the backside if necessary. Next, attach each heart to a colored straw or tongue depressor with tape or glue. Grab your empty Nate’s honey bottle and fill it with about 2 inches of rice to give the bottle stability. Insert your straw hearts into the bottle, and voilà!

Acting with Kindness

Place your finished product somewhere visible to the whole family, such as the kitchen or living room. Your jar of hearts will act as a creative reminder to serve your loved ones for the days surrounding Valentine’s Day. Try having each family member pull out one heart per day, and challenge each other to complete the act of kindness before bedtime.

With your 14 acts of kindness, you’ll inspire others around you to “bee loving” and spread kindness throughout the community!

Check out our ebook “Fall in Love with Valentine’s Day Again” to find more fun activities to enjoy with the family in February, plus easy ways to connect with your honey on Valentine’s Day and year-round.



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