Go Green! The Raw Truth Behind Why Kids Need Greens

Surprised little girl at a table with a plate of veggies in a home setting.

Why do your kids need greens? Here’s the raw truth.

As a parent, you want your kids to be as healthy and happy as possible. You try to make sure they eat right, sleep well and exercise enough. And of course have fun too. Kids need plenty of sleep, vitamins and nutrients for their growing little bodies. You probably know they should be eating a balanced diet, but don’t forget about those greens. Green veggies are key players in providing nutrients for your kids’ development.

Are greens worth it?

Most of us parents know that getting your kids to dig into their green vegetables isn’t easy; they’re not a kid favorite. Dinnertime negotiations can be frustrating and tiresome. It can even make you wonder if these green things are really worth the struggle. But they are! And here’s why.
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Their Perks

Packed with natural benefits, these veggies are some of your body’s best friends. Green vegetables are high in calcium, fiber, folate, magnesium and potassium. They’re also packed with vitamins A, B, E, C and K. This means that greens help with digestion, bone growth and strength and immune system support. Green vegetables have been shown to benefit a myriad of health concerns such as improving blood circulation, lowering cholesterol and increasing energy.

Person holding a large bunch of leafy greens in front of their face against a white brick wall.

Kids need greens every day, whether leafy or another kind.

A Kid Necessity

While these benefits and nutrients are essential for every body no matter how old, they’re particularly important for kids. Calcium is central in developing healthy and strong bones and teeth. Greens also boost the immune system, which can keep your little ones from getting sick. And we all know how much they need this boost when they are trading germs at school or on the playground! Since their bodies are growing so fast (even if we want them to stay small and tiny), they need all the vitamins and nutrients they can get.

Getting your kiddos to enjoy vegetables early on is essential. Starting good food habits early and getting them accustomed to green veggies nourishes them now and as they get older. It’s your job to set them up for success!

Nate's honey bottle with leafy greens and grapes; a vibe of pure, natural ingredients.

Serve Creatively and Often

According to USDA, kids ages 2-3 need about 1 cup of vegetables per day. Kids ages 4-8 need 1½ cups of vegetables daily. For dark green veggies, the younger kids need only ½ cup per week and the older kids need 1 cup per week. So while kids should be eating veggies every day, they don’t always have to be greens like spinach or brussels sprouts. Mix it up and try to get them loving a wide range of veggies.

Outside of the dinner table, try getting your kids to munch on veggies throughout the day. You can sneak them into their lunches by hiding them in sandwiches or packing them as a side dish with dip. Put veggies on the counter and let them snack between meals when they’re hungry.

You can also try pairing veggies with other foods. Honey is a great way to add a little sweetness to your veggies, which the kiddos love. Honey is a real, unprocessed option, that won’t take away from the delicious, natural qualities of your veggies. Try setting some of the sweetness out next to a nutrient-rich green, and just maybe, they’ll want some honey so much that they scoop it up with a celery or broccoli stalk!

No matter which way you serve them, we know getting your kids to eat their vegetables can be a struggle. Because at Nate’s, we’re not just a company. We’re moms and dads too. We have family at the center of our heart and our business. That’s why we work hard to make sure parents and children get real, nutrient-rich foods. So go green with those veggies!


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