Honey Facts:

Why Is Raw Honey the Perfect Energy Source?

We asked registered dietician and nutritionist Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, for a snapshot why raw honey is a natural energy source and how it fuels the body before, during and after exercise and activity. Here are the top reasons you should take raw honey along for your next workout or outdoor adventure.

  • Glycemic Effects
    • Raw honey has been shown to be lower glycemic than refined sugar, due to fructose’s slower absorption. This can mean a lower chance of blood sugar spikes and crashes and steady release of consistent energy into the blood stream.
  • Digestive Comfort
    • Since honey is made of multiple carbohydrates and absorbed in different ways, it may reduce gastrointestinal distress during exercise. For endurance athletes who are already at a greater risk of GI distress, this can keep the focus on training and racing rather than your gut.
  • Fuel for Fitness
    • Honey ingestion during exercise has been shown to provide nearly identical benefits to that of popular sports gels and drinks. Raw honey has the benefit of being a natural, single-ingredient energy source.
  • Protection with Antioxidants
    • High antioxidant intake is associated with more efficient metabolism, or use of energy, in the body. Raw honey maintains higher antioxidant levels, which in turn contributes to protecting the body from the added stress of exercise.

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