It's still 100% pure honey...
just whipped.

Crafted by gently spinning our best-tasting, raw & unfiltered honey to produce a naturally creamy, spreadable sweetness.

Watch us whip

Whipped cream, whipped yogurt, whipped cream cheese, whipped butter. It’s all about the rich, velvety consistency.

Whipped honey: A modern twist on your favorite sweetener.

WE WHIP. You dip.

Use Nate’s Whipped Honey as a dip for your favorite fruit and salty snacks. Spread it on anything that needs a layer of sweetness. Try it atop pancakes, toast, cheese, fruit or biscuits. Measure a perfect spoonful for your tea or coffee, and watch the natural sweetness melt as you stir. The possibilities are endless with this creamy creation.

Cinnamon creamed honey

The cinnamon complements fruit perfectly. Try spreading on apple slices or even adding a spoonful to your morning coffee!

Original creamed honey

Your cheese board’s new favorite addition! Spreadable sweetness to pair with your sharp cheeses.

Maple creamed honey

Ditch the maple syrup, and add a more flavorful and spreadable option to your waffles and pancakes.