What is Raw and Unfiltered?

What is Raw and Unfiltered Honey?

Have you ever wondered what exactly “raw” honey means? Do you know why you should always eat unfiltered honey? We’re here to define these mysterious terms for you. But don’t worry, they’re not scary!

Raw Means Real.

To put it simply, raw honey is a term used to describe honey in its most simple form. Basically, bees make deliciously pure honey and we want to keep it that way. No corn and rice syrup added, and we sample and test our honey for a clean read of antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides.. It’s just raw honey, the way nature intended.

what is raw and unfiltered

Nature Nate’s Honey is 100% pure, raw and unfiltered.

No Heat, Please.

When honey is heated at high temperatures, it kills the naturally occurring benefits that make honey so wonderful. Honey is often heated at high temperatures, however, for a faster bottling process. The hotter the honey is, the more viscous, or runny, it becomes. It’s easier to pour when bottling. At Nate’s, we never prioritize efficiency over quality. We take our time. We simply warm our honey without overheating to allow us to bottle our honey carefully.

Strained Not Filtered.

Since raw honey is taken right from the hive, it might contain some remnants of the bees who made it. There could be some chunks of wax or little bee parts that have stuck around. Because of this, it is important that we strain the honey so that you’re only eating the golden goodness you want. It’s not filtered, however! Nate’s honey is only gently strained to remove these undesirable parts, but we’re sure to keep the other goodies in.

When honey is filtered, it removes most of the pollen in the honey. Honey is often filtered to maintain a more attractive shelf life for longer periods of time. (But honey doesn’t expire!) This filtering process can delay the process of crystallization and keep the honey in a more liquid state longer, but it sacrifices the quality of the honey.

Only the Best Gets an Orange Label.

When you choose an orange Nate’s bottle, you’re choosing the real deal. We want to keep honey the way it is: 100% pure, raw and unfiltered. Gently warmed without ever overheating. Lightly strained while keeping all the goodies in. Tested to ensure that nothing is in your honey that shouldn’t be there. It’s simply raw and unfiltered honey, just like you want it.

Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.