What Does Best-Tasting Honey Taste Like?

Assortment of Nate’s honey products, including raw & unfiltered, organic, manuka, minis and hot honey.

Have you ever wondered what sets the highest quality honey apart from the rest? From the meticulous care of the honey bees to our industry-leading purity guarantee, we’re committed to ensuring only the best honey ends up in each bottle of Nate’s. While there are several factors that contribute to the exceptional quality of Nate’s, taste is at the top of the list! So, what does best-tasting honey actually taste like? Here are a few ways we’d describe the variations of our beloved natural sweetener across the Nate’s family:

Raw & Unfiltered: Often referred to as our “classic blend,” Nate’s raw & unfiltered is a classic for a reason – it makes you rethink how honey should taste. Our proprietary blend has a complex and deep honey flavor. Don’t just take our word for it – this honey was recognized as a recipient of the ChefsBest® Excellence Award by independent professional chefs for best taste.

Organic Honey: Bees fly. And the bees that make Nate’s organic honey fly in protected areas where there’s only organic materials as far as the bee can roam. The result is a bold taste that   meets the strictest standards by the USDA.

Manuka Honey: Sourced from New Zealand, manuka honey is revered for its robust wellness properties and flavor profile. Manuka honey is a thicker, darker honey that contains deep caramelized undertones with a slightly bitter edge, reminiscent of the rugged landscapes where the manuka bush thrives. Because not all manuka honey is created equal, Nate’s Manuka is certified UMF by the only internationally recognized certifying body of manuka, the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA). UMFHA ensures Nate’s honey meets the gold standard for potency, authenticity, shelf life and freshness.

Hot Honey: Hot honey is a food trend that’s here to stay. It combines the sweetness of pure honey with chili peppers, creating a sweet, spicy and oh, so delicious sweetener that complements whatever you are cooking! The honey’s floral notes complement the subtle warmth from the peppers – creating a craveable spicy kick that’s a must-try.

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