5 Ways to Trick Your Kids into Loving Vegetables

Child playing with red bell pepper slices as glasses, surrounded by fresh vegetables on a kitchen counter.

We know that eating your greens is great for you, but how do you convince your kids of it? There’s nothing wrong with finding a way to trick your kids into loving vegetables!

Kids and vegetables are an unlikely pair. Getting your kids to not only like, but to eat vegetables is an everyday struggle. But eating vegetables is an important part of your children’s diet and their growing needs. So what are we supposed to do?

Here are some tricks to get your kids eating real and delicious veggies.

Rainbow-shaped bell pepper slices on a blue background with cauliflower clouds and carrot sunshine.

Making food fun is a great way to get your kids interested in eating healthy

Disguise ‘Em

Looks do matter. At least for veggies. Try plating vegetables in a fun and colorful way to get kids more excited about their least favorite foods. Making faces, characters or color patterns adds a little dish excitement. Smiley face veggies, anyone?

Make the same dishes they love, but with slightly different ingredients. Instead of reaching for the pasta box, try using veggie noodles like zoodles or spaghetti squash. Dig in to a Thai Peanut Zoodle Salad recipe and a Zoodles with Rosemary Chicken recipe. You can even make the classic mac ‘n cheese with garbanzo bean pasta!

If that doesn’t work, you can always try blending vegetables into a smoothie for an after-school snack, pureeing or freezing as a popsicle. Get creative with all the different ways of presenting these colorful, natural goodies!

Child holding giant carrots like a mustache in a sunny garden.

Giving kids an option helps them to develop their independence and feel more invested in what they eat

Get Them Involved

Involving your kids in the process can help them feel invested in eating their meal. Try having your kids pick their vegetables at a local farm or pick out their vegetables at the grocery store. Show them how you’ll use what they chose in the kitchen, and at the dinner table, they’ll be more interested in putting what they picked in their mouth.

Giving kids a choice also encourages mealtime responsibility. Try letting them choose their salad ingredients or veggie pizza toppings from the mom-approved list.

Dip It

Oh, the trusty dip. There’s a reason why dipping carrots and celery into ranch is a go-to: kids will actually eat it. Having your kids dip raw veggies into something they love, like Sunflower Seed Hummus or their favorite sauce (here’s a homemade ketchup recipe with no processed sugar!), is an easy way to get them munching. Try switching it up too. Rather than dipping veggies, try putting chips out with this pink vegetable dip, Beet Hummus Dip. Maybe the unique color will be the trick needed to get all these nutrients into their little bodies with big smiles on their faces.

Beet dip in a bowl with chips on a blue textured surface.

Sweeten ‘Em Up

It’s no secret kids love sweets. Making vegetables sweeter is a quick and easy way to get your kids wanting more. Be sure to use a natural sweetener so you’ll feel good about the pairing.

Pair nutrient-rich veggies with raw and unfiltered honey for a match made in heaven. The kids will gobble up nutrients with every dip. At Nate’s, our honey is kept raw and unfiltered, keeping honey exactly as it should be.

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Happy child giving thumbs up to a plate of veggies in a bright room.

Our little ones are always watching and look to us for guidance. Show them how to eat responsibly.

Lead by Example

Set a good example and show your kids that eating real, natural foods is not a chore but a delicious and enjoyable part of life.

This fight is an old one, and we believe in you. At Nate’s, we strive to provide your family with the best and highest quality foods. To us, real and natural foods are not only great for you, but they also taste delicious too. We believe it’s possible to get your kids loving real and natural foods as much as we do. We’re cheering for you, your little ones and your plate full of veggies.


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