Top Ten All-Time Fave Honey Recipes

Admittedly, we are a bit biased, so narrowing all of our tasty honey recipes down to a Top 10 is no easy task. On a constant mission to show the endless ways honey can bring flavor and variety to your kitchen, we’ve made sure this list goes beyond the basic honey drizzle (although we firmly believe in drizzling generously). You may not know this yet, but your favorite iced coffee has been missing a particular yumminess (clue: it’s honey). And what about those tired weeknight dinners? We’ve got simple ways to hit refresh and get excited about family meals again, all with the help of 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey. You never knew cookies could be so soft, toast could be so fun and cooking could be sweet and simple.

  1. Banana Bread
  2. Golden Honey Fauxpaccino
  3. Raw Honey Turtles
  4. White Honey Chicken Chili
  5. Sriracha Sliders
  6. Honey Lime Tacos
  7. Honey Brownies
  8. Iced Honey Latte
  9. Mermaid Toast
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

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