Top 3 Honey Maple Syrup Pairings

Offering the best of both worlds, Nate’s Honey Maple Syrup combines pure honey and real maple syrup. The all-natural ingredients are gently mixed – with the sweetness of honey balancing the earthy flavor of pure maple syrup to create a tasty topping the whole family will enjoy. Here are three easy and delicious ways to try Honey Maple Syrup at home: 

  1. Go big with breakfast. Maple syrup is practically synonymous with our favorite meal of the day: breakfast! Level up your morning game by adding a generous drizzle of Honey Maple Syrup on top of our Honey Whole Grain Pancakes or Overnight French Toast.  
  2. From grains to granola. Honey Maple Syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness and depth of flavor to easy homemade granola recipes, like our Coconut Honey Granola, Honey Almond Granola Bark and even a bowl of oats  
  3. A surprising twist to dessert. Thanks to a rich flavor profile, Honey Maple Syrup offers a fun, unexpected twist to desserts. Drizzle on top vanilla ice cream and fruit crisps or add to buttercream frostings for an all-natural way to sweeten your treats.  

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