Honey Conversions & Tricks

Honey is one of the most naturally occurring sugars that nature has to offer, and your body processes honey differently than processed table sugar or artificial sweeteners. Learn more about how honey can sweeten your life naturally.

Ready to make the switch to honey? Here is a handy guide for honey conversions in recipes so that you can always get the taste just right!

Cooking with Honey: Tips & Conversions

Not all Sugars are Created Equal

On average, 1 in 10 Americans consume 25% or more of their calories from processed sugar. This means you could still be ingesting processed sugar in foods that you don’t think are supposed to contain processed sugar, like bread or condiments.

But how does that make honey different? When bees hop from flower to flower, they’re collecting rich nectar, which is made up of two types of sugars: glucose and fructose. While honey also contains sugar, it is made up of 100% real, not processed, sugar.

An added bonus? Honey is much sweeter by nature so you can use less of it to achieve the same taste. Win win!

Try Something New

Eating nutritious doesn’t always sound appealing, especially to the kiddos. Check out our after school snack recipes to keep them coming back for more.

Or, for breakfast tomorrow morning, try this Sriracha Hummus & Egg Toast to kick things up a notch.

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