Honey For Teachers: Free-Bee Lesson Plans for Educators

A hands-on learning activity about bees with educational sheets, a bee craft and a bottle of Nate’s honey.

At Nate’s, we are committed to supporting real foods and healthy bees wherever we can. We believe that sharing our commitment with others is key to the future of bee health. And that’s why we make education a priority. From partnering with multiple universities that research bee health to developing lesson plans for teachers, we’re passionate about finding ways to positively contribute to the health of bees and humans.

Because of our commitment, we’ve created two lesson plans for elementary school teachers. With our two free-bee lesson plans, you can help your students learn the importance of making good food choices and understand the role of bees in our world. Each lesson plan is equipped with various ideas and activities that you can pick and choose to tailor to your specific classroom or you can follow the full guide. Did we mention it’s free?

Make Good Food Choices: A Lesson on Making Informed Decisions on What We Eat

Setting kids up for nutritional success starts with teaching them good eating habits at a young age. Our lesson plan for elementary-aged kids does just this! It’s a way for you to talk about real foods and it helps kids understand the importance of making healthy food choices.

Our comprehensive Make Good Food Choices plan includes various printable classroom activities, plus a thorough teacher guide with discussion topics.  Within this unit, students will learn what a balanced plate looks like and where their foods come from. Students will also learn how to choose wisely in the grocery store and how their food impacts their growing bodies.

Through our creative activities, kids will learn about various food groups and aspects of nutrition in an interactive way. With our build-your-plate activity and putting things in your grocery cart, you can teach students how to make good food decisions. This unit is laid out for you to easily follow or can serve as a springboard for your own ideas to teach young minds the importance of real, nutritious foods!

Child coloring bee activity sheet, surrounded by crayons and educational cards.

Long Live the Bees: A Lesson on Honey Bee Health

Our bee-focused lesson plans go way beyond honey! Within this unit, you can teach students about differing climates, pollination, insect anatomy, U.S. geography and the beekeeping profession.

With 8 different lessons, you can spread the unit out or pick and choose segments to do in one day. Our free-bee Long Live the Bees lesson plan includes these 8 lessons with clear learning objectives, a comprehensive teacher guide and 9 printable activity pages. Students can color in states with warmer climates where bees would be happiest. They can dress up a beekeeper and learn about the job. And, they can match plants to pollinators, learning what makes bees happy!

An important step in safeguarding the future of bees is teaching the next generation about their vital role in our ecosystem. As children learn the role of bees, they can grow up looking out for them. We believe that teachers have an essential role in helping us cultivate the next generation of bee advocates!

A poster titled BUILD YOUR CHARACTER, with illustrations of three cartoon children with descriptive text bubbles. A colorful poster titled GOING FISHING, with various fish illustrations and tips on catching them.


The Adventures of Nature Nate: A Nature-Based Storytelling Lesson

This lesson will teach your preschoolers or early elementary ages the elements of a story and activate their creative minds. They’ll use their hands to construct a forest setting and have free reign with the characters. Let them tell the story to you!

They’ll also learn about elements in nature, how water affects our world and some world geography. Of course, there’s a sensory activity of honey tasting as well.

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The Nate’s Difference

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