Sweet River Honey

Matt Halbgewachs with Sweet River Honey

The definition of a true partner is someone who puts the success of their partners ahead of their own success. If every partner follows this principle, a group of partners is much more successful together than each would be on their own. Nature Nate’s is this type of partner, one who believes in doing the right thing and doing it for the right reason. Producing an agricultural commodity such as honey that is not traded on an open market is particularly risky. Costs are high and profits are low while the honeybee farmer is never assured the honey will be purchased. Honeybees are our passion and producing honey in areas that are pristine, often untouched for years or generations by anything except nature is our goal. Nature Nate’s shares our passion for promoting the best, purest 100% United States produced honey possible.

Testing a food product is always a good idea. For a raw product such as honey, testing is almost a necessity. Together, Sweet River Honey as keepers of bees and Nature Nate’s as a retailer of honey are putting a product on the shelf that our customers can have 100% confidence in.

We do our own testing, and we believe in testing. We believe in and work to push our standards higher each year. I think the concept of testing honey is good for the entire industry. The industry has a big problem, however, with honey that is not 100% honey.

We put our heart and soul into the care of our honeybees and the only way for that value to make its way to a customer’s tastebuds is to have a trustworthy partner who is committed to the same ideals. At Sweet River Honey, we trust Nature Nate’s to market honey with the same care and the same passion that was required to produce it.