From the Farm:

Soul-Warming Soups

Ah, autumn, a time when we can finally turn on the stove again without melting. A time when cool air meets steaming hot soup bowls and soulful scents from the crockpot fill the hallways. A time when parents everywhere are no longer afraid to hear “what’s for dinner?” because they now know exactly what’s on the menu. Read on for four flavorful toss-together recipes – they taste like they spent all day simmering but can actually be ready in a snap!

Pumpkin Butternut and Apple Crockpot Soup

This is the perfect soup for hosting foodies this holiday season when you really want to impress your guests but don’t want to be stuck standing at the stove all day. The slow cooker becomes your best friend as the pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato fuse together beautifully in just a few hours to become the superb starter soup or side dish for your holiday table.

PS  – the leftovers make a great gazpacho!

No Recipe Needed Soup

Watch out Ina Garten – there’s a new recipe developer in town. While homemade broth may sound intimidating, this version is insanely flavorful and deceivingly easy. Once you have some ready (or make it and freeze ahead of time), you can add whatever proteins, greens or grains are left from the week and you’ve got a hearty bowl of yum.

Now that’s one way to clean out the fridge!

White Bean and Chicken Chili

No fall game day is complete without a batch of chili. This creamy change-up of the classic uses mild green chilis so the whole family can enjoy this one, and the spice lovers can always kick their own bowl up a notch with their favorite sauce. Plus, it’s a potluck crowd pleaser for your next tailgate.

Pro tip – we love picking up an already-cooked rotisserie chicken to save some time. Less time in the kitchen means more time cheering on your favorite team!

Quick White Bean Vegan Chili

Who says chili is just for meat lovers? We haven’t forgotten about our vegan friends with this speedy stew chock full of veggies, beans, and heartwarming spices. Don’t be fooled by the lengthy ingredient list – this can be thrown together in minutes and will be ready just in time to feed the masses.

Whether you’re gathering around the holiday table set with your finest china or slurping out of paper bowls, there’s a soup for every occasion and for every palate. ‘Tis the season!