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Sandyr October 27, 2020
Full of flavor and healthy! This product was recommended to me by a friend and now is the only brand of honey I will buy. It is smooth and flavorful and can be used in so many ways. Great as a substitute for sugar in baking or as a sweetener in coffee and it is so yummy spread on a biscuit!
Deputy Glitters October 26, 2020
Magnificent shine I bought this a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. This company has really done it this time! Give Drew R a slap on the back!
Rodman October 26, 2020
The best honey!! Tried Nature Nates Honey and absolutely loved it! Gave some to some of my runner friends and they said it gave them the extra kick to finish with personable time! Plus it tastes so hoid!!
Becky October 26, 2020
Best Honey on the Market! My family loves this honey, we use it everyday in our coffee and I use it a lot when I bake as a substitute for sugar! Nature's Nate really is the best honey around!
Jules October 23, 2020
Sweet Honey! I've been using the Nate's honey for a few years now. I love the taste and that it's totally raw. I put it in my tea every day. I also add it to pastries that I bake and yogurt some times. It's the perfect amount of sweetness, so I don't have to add extra sugar as well. I like my tea and pastries pretty sweet and a little bit of this honey goes a long way.
skyjumper72 October 23, 2020
Best honey on the market I've been using Nature Nate's honey for a few years now and I've tried others, however this is the best I've found. I love it and wouldn't change now even if offered!
Joey S L October 23, 2020
BEST HONEY AND DEAL ON THE MARKET Every drop of natures date is so delicious. We have been using it for several years now and can’t live without it! We put it in our oatmeal and yogurt to mention a few of the many possibilities we have found for it. A little of it goes a long way yet it has just the right amount of sweetness.The bottle is a joy to look at and use. There is no mess with the non-dripping feature.The price is very low for a honey of this exceptional quality and purity.
Ctamalisa October 23, 2020
Extremely tasty The nature Nate's Louisiana blend is so tasty. This honey pairs perfectly with just about anything. The thickness is just right for homemade biscuits. Completely natural with no harsh addictives. Great quality and outstanding value.
SBC20 October 23, 2020
Nature Nate's Honey is the Best Honey Ever! Nature Nate's Louisiana Honey is the only honey I buy as it's 100% Pure and has a great taste. I started buying it years ago on a recommendation from a friend when the brand was just starting to go main stream and wasn't as accessible as it is now. I was so excited to discover recently that it is now offered on Amazon! That's a game changer for me because it makes it so convenient to just add it on to my Amazon order now.My favorite part about this brand of honey is the backstory on how the brand got started. I thought it was cool that Nathan, the founder of Nature Nate's Honey, received the nickname “Nature Nate” in college because he was a nature lover and he started his honey business out of his house with only seven employees. Attached is a picture of my favorite tea that I use this fantastic honey with on the daily! So here's to a happy honey tasting!
MsDay October 23, 2020
The Best Honey Ever This honey is so good. I use this honey for everything. I do mean everything. I know that there are other honey brands out there. Nature Nate honey has a different taste and texture. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. You want be sorry.