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BrandO October 23, 2020
The best natural honey! The Nature Nate's is the best honey I ever tried! I like how it is made 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered and all natural. I use this honey daily either by adding to my tea or making many recipes with it. It has a natural sweet taste that is better then sugar. I highly recommend buying it's the best honey out there!
Maryrose October 23, 2020
Great taste My family has been using Nature Nates for years! It is our sugar alternative and use honey in everything. Our favorite are the little honey packets you can give to everyone to try.
Juana October 23, 2020
High Quality Honey Nature Nate’s California Honey is one of the best honey you will find. The quality and taste is amazing. I use it to sweeten my tea, my plain yogurt and in my bread. I definitely recommend Stocking up on Nature Nate’s Honey .
DodgersFan35 October 22, 2020
I Love Everything Ever since I was little I have loved this honey. They supported me in my football program. They are great.
KCH1 October 22, 2020
Amazing taste! I love this honey so much!! I use it almost every day to sweeten my tea; it goes so well with it! This is literally the only honey I’ll ever use; the taste is so amazing and so authentic!
fisher October 21, 2020
It doesn't get more natural than this. Nature Nate's honey is part of my normal healthy diet. I put it in my oatmeal, all over my pancakes, hot tea, ice cream, or just a spoon full because I can!
Mama October 21, 2020
Wonderful HONEY! I love this honey and the texture and taste of it. This product has an overall outstanding quality to it.
Chrissy H October 21, 2020
Great Honey! I love Nature Nates honey! It’s especially good in my tea.
Coco October 21, 2020
Great flavor This is our family favorite and the only honey you will ever find in my home!
April October 21, 2020
Nature Nate's is the bees knees! I discovered this brand a few months ago and am so happy I did, absolutely delicious.