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Coryography October 16, 2020
The Best Honey In Texas This is the absolute best honey in Texas. Natural, Raw, Unfiltered and Pure. Offered in various sizes good for single serving or for cooking.
Linda74 October 16, 2020
Great for making homemade treats! I bought this a few weeks ago and have made candy for the kids!
__therobbinsnest October 16, 2020
LOVE NATURE NATE’S! Our family only uses Nature Nate’s Honey and we are lifers! So delicious and the packs are perfect for on the go and snacks! Love, love, love!
Eroming October 16, 2020
Delicious! This honey is so good! I use it for lots of things instead of sugar like tea and oatmeal. Very good sugar substitute.
Aimer47 October 16, 2020
It's the New Sugar Honey is a great substitute for sugar. It's nature's sugar!
NikkiMath October 16, 2020
Even the little loves it Normally my 4 year old does not like honey, however, I love putting it on my fries and other things. When we got this honey she tried it and loves it.
Ked412 October 16, 2020
Amazing taste! I am so glad that I found Nature Nate's honey. The flavor is amazing and the fact that it isn't heated is a huge plus.
KLL0210 October 16, 2020
Clean tasting and smooth We buy this monthly!! We use it in everything from breakfast to vegetables!
Becca October 15, 2020
Just the BEST honey Tastes best. Every single time. Love this in my coffee in the morning. I love this company and all they do for the community, too.
Kirsten C November 10, 2020
Love this honey! I received a free product from PINCHme. Nature Nate's honey is delicious! We've been trying to reduce our use of white sugar so we go through a lot of honey in our house! Go Texas bees!!