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Register Family

We are proud to work with a company like Nature Nate's, because we know they care about the quality of the honey that they purchase as much as we care about the quality of honey we produce.

Nature Nate’s testing our honey is so important to ensure the right product makes it to the hands of the consumer. We are extra particular about how and where we produce our honey. Nature Nate's gives us that extra stamp to ensure it’s high quality and that is just icing on the cake.

It’s valuable that the customer has no question about the authenticity of the product they are purchasing. It also proves the quality of the honey we produce.

We have worked with Nature Nate’s for a couple of years now and are thankful to have such a good relationship with them. We hope to continue that work together for a long time. We have been blessed to work with such a great, family-oriented company that focuses on quality and taking care of their customers.