What Is Raw & Unfiltered? - Nature Nate's Raw & Unfiltered Honey
Honey Facts:

Raw & Unfiltered – How We Handle Our Honey

What Is Raw & Unfiltered


Raw & Unfiltered is How We Handle Our Honey

A Beekeeper’s batch arrives to Nature Nate’s Honey farm.

We test every batch for pollen count & a clean read of:

  • pesticides
  • antibiotics
  • corn and rice syrup adulteration

Our honey is gently warmed.
Nature Nate’s Honey is never cooked because high temperatures kill the enzymes! We gently warm the honey to ensure it flows gently for the blending and bottling process.

Then, we create our unique blend.
We always strive for our signature Amber Color – Low Moisture – Consistent Taste.

Next, we gently strain our honey, allowing pollens through.
Our raw & unfiltered honey means that we leave all the good stuff in.

We test the pollen count again.
We have high standards and want to ensure you’re receiving the absolute best.

And finally, we pour the honey in the bottling room and ship out to stores near you.

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So what is raw & unfiltered honey, you ask?

Reach out to us if you have any questions, we’d love to help find you the answer. Email us 24/7 at honeyfacts@naturenates.com.