how & when
to use Raw Energy

endurance exercise

[cycling, running, swimming]

high intensity sports

[soccer, basketball, hockey, football, tennis]

high intensity group exercise

[kick boxing, body pump, circuit training, cycling class]

strength training

[crossfit, weight lifting]

low intensity

[walking, leisure swim, leisure bike]



*Other ideas for how to pair honey for optimal energy and recovery

 Pre-Exercise Snacks

  • Toast with nut butter and honey or hummus and honey
  • Pre-baked sweet potato topped with almond butter and honey

Pre-Exercise Meals

  • Oatmeal made with milk or unsweetened soy milk and topped with nut butter, fruit, granola and honey
  • Peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread

 Post-Exercise Snacks 

  • Honey sweetened yogurt
  • Protein rich smoothie with fruit and honey
  • Raw Energy packet and 16 ounces low fat milk
  • Raw Energy packet and roasted edamame (shelf-stable)

 Post-Exercise Meals

  • Honey glazed salmon with rice and cooked veggies
  • Honey roasted tofu wrap with fruit
  • Honey glazed chicken breast with baked sweet potato fries and honey mustard sauce, and a cooked vegetable