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From the Farm:

Passion in Every Bottle

At Nature Nate’s Honey Co., we are encouraged from day one to remember that every bottle, every person, and every job matters. From the men and women who work in the farmhouse to those on the bottling line, we are one team with one mission – to bring the highest quality honey to your table. We’re excited to introduce you to one of those dedicated workers who is also one of the most encouraging teammates we have.

Meet Eduardo, Maintenance Technician at Nature Nate’s Honey Co. 

Q: How would you describe your role on the Nature Nate’s team?

I serve as part of the maintenance team here at Nature Nate’s. My job is to help ensure the equipment at the Farm runs smoothly while also making sure that we meet and exceed safety and sanitary standards. A lot of what I do can feel behind the scenes, but it’s those moments and those important responsibilities that help keep Nature Nate’s the most trusted honey company in America.

Q: As a company, we strive to be leaders, whether in honey, on our team, or in our community. How do you see yourself contributing to keeping high standards within these areas?

I started out at in the Nature Nate’s bottling room. It’s a large room at the Farm where we literally bottle the pure honey we receive from trusted beekeepers. My boss saw my passion for excellence when it came to even the smallest of tasks, and I quickly earned the opportunity to train new people in the bottling room and backup the 2nd Shift Lead. From there, I was soon promoted to be Maintenance Tech, where I help oversee the maintenance of all facilities at Nature Nate’s. For me, I want to be a leader with anything I am given. I want to do my best, help others, and help Nature Nate’s excel in honey.

Q: The Nature Nate’s family implements a set of core values called the Bee Attitudes. Is there a specific attitude you strive to implement?

Bee Passionate is the attitude I try to carry with me into every project and situation. Hard work is important to me. I learned the meaning of hard work at an early age from watching my mom work two jobs and pour her heart into her family and job. She taught me the value of caring about what you do. I always try and think two steps ahead of what I am working on, so I can help others be efficient and continue to grow a culture where passion for what you do matters.

Q: What is something you want people to know about Nature Nate’s that they might not know from just looking at our orange label?

I want people to know that Nature Nate’s is a really good company. I mean that. Many companies can say things and not follow through, but Nature Nate’s is the first company I have worked for where they love people and live out what they believe. They want to take care of their people, help them grow, and be authentic in their mission. I love being here and wouldn’t trade it for anything.