Pantry Staples For Quick Meals

Nate's honey being poured into a jar with a beverage on a dark surface.

We all know that panicked feeling when you come home after a long day and think that you have nothing exciting to eat at home. Already hungry, you turn to the takeout menu or to the freezer. But the secret ingredients to make simple meals taste better might already be in your pantry!

Here are some of our favorite tricks to turn quick, throw-together dinners into delicious meals. That way, you can eat a home-cooked meal in no time at all.


With its sweet and nuanced flavor, raw and unfiltered honey is a perfect pantry staple to boost any meal. And it’s so versatile! You can drizzle honey over vegetables, use it to marinate meat or fish, mix it into a salad dressing, use it as a processed sugar replacement and so much more!

Keeping your pantry stocked with raw and unfiltered honey will help make those quick weeknight meals oh so tasty. But make sure to select top-quality, raw and unfiltered honey. This means that your honey hasn’t been processed and is completely natural. Look for Nate’s orange label to ensure your honey is 100% real.


With all of these 2-ingredient grilling sauce recipes, how could your meals not be delicious and flavorful? And you don’t have to fire up the grill in order to enjoy these recipes. These sauces can be adjusted for salad dressings, drizzled over oven-roasted food or used as dip for side dishes.

You can also mix these 2-ingredient sauces into already prepared foods like a rotisserie chicken or a meal-prepped meat. Try this Sriracha Honey Sliders recipe for a quick weeknight dinner.

A row of assorted homemade spreads in jars with a bottle of raw honey, against a white brick wall.

Spices and Herbs

Don’t forget about your spice cabinet! It’s a whole world of flavors to try. Paprika can add a delightful pepper taste and curry powder can add a nice, spicy kick. Cinnamon and ginger also pair wonderfully with honey.

Keeping powdered garlic and dried herbs is another easy to way to boost flavor in your meals. While fresh herbs are delicious, they don’t last as long. Keeping dried herbs in your pantry ensures you can get throw in some oregano or rosemary whenever you’d like.

Peanut Butter

Oh trusty peanut butter, how we love you. Peanut butter is a great ingredient to keep stocked because it’s full of protein and is a family-favorite. A classic PB&J always satisfies. But you can also try getting creative with your peanut butter meals by grilling, toasting or adding fun fruits.

These skewers are a great place to start, as are these peanut butter bites.

Chocolate-dipped waffle pretzels 
with colorful sprinkles on top.


With some onion and garlic, you can turn pasta, chicken or vegetables into an aromatic and savory meal. Try keeping your pantry stocked with onion, garlic and shallots, which have a decent shelf life. Chop, slice or dice and add them to your sautéed or roasted foods.

Don’t forget about the citrus family too! Lemons and limes are great to keep around, as they are very versatile. Squeeze some lemon over chicken, vegetables or pasta for a light citrus kick. Or try using lime with fish and tacos. Try this one-pan meal featuring a lime marinade.

Whichever way you choose to add flavor, make sure to always select quality ingredients. Real, authentic ingredients preserve the nutritional benefits of natural foods. With Nate’s raw & unfiltered honey, you know that your ingredients are 100% real. Nothing added, just delicious, high-quality foods.


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