Our Commitment to Serve – A Note from Nate

More than two decades ago, I started beekeeping as a post-honeymoon hobby. I filled our two-car garage with honey barrels, and soon the idea for Nature Nate’s Honey Co. was born. Back then, I could only dream of what Nature Nate’s would grow to become today – a thriving company, with over 70 team members, on a mission to do good.

Throughout the years, Nature Nate’s has provided millions of families 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey all while staying true to our promise to steward the precious resource bees generously gift us to make an impact on our world. I offer my sincerest thanks to you, our loyal customers, for being a part of our journey, and I’m thrilled about what’s next.

Today, we announced our merger with Sweet Harvest Foods, one of the largest honey manufacturers in the world, so that we can collaborate and make premium honey accessible to every home in the country. Our partnership with Sweet Harvest Foods begins with the same commitment and passion we formed in the early days of Nature Nate’s. We will continue to serve families the highest-quality, best-tasting honey and operate from our beautiful 12-acre farm in North Texas pouring heart and passion into every single bottle we produce.

Our heart for giving will also remain. Through our Honey Gives Hope program, we’ll steward the resources of God’s blessings by making a difference both in honeybee health research critical to our ecosystem and in the lives of people in need across the country.

Just like our iconic orange label, our future is bright. Our vision remains the same: to be the most trusted honey company. With Sweet Harvest Foods, we can provide more access of premium honey to households everywhere, which is an exciting and natural next step for our company. I will continue in my role as Chief Executive and Chief Steward, a job that is grounded in the principle that our resources have been provided by the Lord to steward for His purposes.

As we look ahead, there are many reasons to celebrate. But I hope above all else your day will be extra sweet knowing that our Nature Nate’s family will be here, at our farm, doing what we love to do – providing delicious, pure honey to you and yours.

I thank God for allowing us to serve you and your family.

– Nathan “Nate” Sheets

Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.