Nate’s & Topo Chico Present Five Summer Sips Drink eBook

Nate's honey bottle with citrus fruits and mineral water on wooden backdrop.

Nate’s Honey Co. and Topo Chico are teaming up to bring you one refreshing treat! 5 Sweet & Sparkling Summer Sips is a curation of specialty drinks sure to make any taste bud dance. With flavor combinations ranging from Honey Blueberry and Ginger Cider, to Raspberry Lemon and Honey Lime – who could ask for more?

Honey-infused cocktail with oranges, blueberries, sparkling water and a Nate's honey bottle on wooden backdrop.

Iced honey-sweetened beverage with lime, Topo Chico and a Nate's honey bottle on a wood backdrop.

Two fan favorites on their own with even more flare together.

Click to download our 5 drink recipe eBook for your next dinner party, weekend gathering or simple night in.

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