Close-up of a bee on honeycomb cells.

The number-one branded honey company extends its partnership with UT Dallas during National Honey Month this September

MCKINNEY, TEXAS – September 8, 2020 – In honor of National Honey Month, Nate’s Honey Co., the number-one branded honey company in the U.S. and producer of 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey, announces an extended partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas to support bee health, sustainability and the protection of pollinators. The partnership is part of the company’s Long Live the Bees corporate responsibility initiative to support honeybee health, educate future generations and advocate for responsible and sustainable beekeeping practices.

“At Nature Nate’s Honey Co., we believe that universities are responsible for invaluable contributions toward honeybee health. This education doesn’t stop with research and labs,” said Nathan Sheets, President and CEO of Nature Nate’s. “In instances like UT Dallas, it continues on by teaching ambitious students about bees and how to keep them healthy with the most responsible and sustainable practices. We are proud to continue our partnership and work toward a shared vision – to protect and take care of bees and their hives.”

In a years-long partnership, Nature Nate’s and UT Dallas have encouraged a commitment to stewarding land and resources in a sustainable manner to help the conservation and protection of pollinators.

UT Dallas’s sustainability efforts have become one of the best in the country for universities. Eight acres on campus is a no-mow zone that encourages the growth of native prairie grasses and plants. Throughout campus, they have planted pollinator-friendly species. The flora provides breeding grounds and food sources for native pollinators, supporting their crucial role in maintaining flowering and food-producing plants. Around campus, the bees gather nectar from plants, such as Indian blanket, Queen Anne’s lace, canola, horse mint, aster and goldenrod.

“If you can protect one species of insect, it will have a benefit for others,” said Dr. Scott Rippel, University of Texas at Dallas. “It becomes a synergistic effect. We have planted butterfly bushes on campus that are just covered with Monarchs as they migrate. But those bushes are also a source of nectar for honeybees. It comes down to habitat. If you have the right habitat, build it and they will come.”

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