Nature Nate’s Honey Co. Launches Honey Hour Campaign in Celebration of National Honey Month

A creamy green smoothie garnished with lime, next to a bottle of Nate’s raw & unfiltered honey.

The number one branded honey company expands awareness for using honey in drinks and appetizers with trending recipes, brand partnerships and influencer collaborations

MCKINNEY, TEXAS – September 1, 2021 – In celebration of National Honey Month, Nature Nate’s Honey Co., the number-one branded honey company in the U.S. and producer of 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey, today announces the launch of Honey Hour, an awareness campaign that highlights ways to use pure honey to sweeten cocktails, mocktails, coffees, smoothies, appetizers and more.

Throughout the month of September, Nature Nate’s will be showcasing 30 drink recipes and easy food pairings to inspire and educate consumers about the versatility of 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey. New, trending drinks included in the Honey Hour campaign are Blueberry Bourbon Smash, Honey Whipped Lemonade and Snickerdoodle Frappe. Long-standing fan favorites that will be promoted with the campaign are White Honey Sangria, Avocado Margarita Mocktail, Strawberry Unmilkshake and Iced Honey Latte.

“Over the last year, it’s been exciting to see how honey fans are finding new and innovative ways to enjoy the natural goodness of honey,” said Nathan Sheets, Founder and CEO of Nature Nate’s. “We want to support our consumers in celebrating, and whether they’re doing that with get-togethers in-person at home or happy hours online, we are sharing ways they can add the taste of pure honey in their drinks and bites to sweeten those moments.”

To broaden the awareness for Honey Hour and celebrate National Honey Month, Nature Nate’s has partnered with Schweppes and Tumbleweed TexStyles to offer exclusive content and giveaways throughout the month.

In addition, Nature Nate’s has teamed up with 10 social media influencers across the country, including Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish, to spread the word about all the ways to enjoy honey to their more than 1 million combined followers. Influencers from New England to Southern California will be promoting Nature Nate’s pure honey with custom recipes and exclusive giveaways.

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