Nature Nate’s CEO Speaks at WorkMatters Forum

[su_lead_paragraph type=”normal”]Integrity and Faith in the Workplace, Essential to Nature Nate’s Culture, Was Focus of Speech[/su_lead_paragraph]

MCKINNEY, TX, October 24, 2016 – Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey Chief Steward, Nathan Sheets was invited to share insight into integrity and faith in the workplace at the annual WorkMatters Forum.

Long the essential tenets of Nature Nate’s culture, Founder and Chief Steward, Nathan Sheets, shared his experience as a “Leader of Purpose,” through workplace integrity and leading with faith-based principals.

“In the workplace, questions of integrity come into play nearly every day, as leaders are faced with key decisions and challenges. Despite this, organizations are often asked to check faith at the door, and the temptations of an easier, temporary gain become more prevalent,” Sheets explained.

Sheets spoke to this theme at the October WorkMatters forum, and shared his personal experiences, and the rewards of living a more integrity-driven life, while guiding attendees on how to close the gap between faith and work.

Nature Nate’s story starts with Nathan himself – when a post-honeymoon hobby turned into a mission. Busy juggling a job and a new family, he bought a beehive on a whim. He found something fascinating about these industrious, honey-making marvels. It soon turned into more “full” time than part time, and after much prayer and long conversations with his wife, Nate traded his day job for his new life’s work. And Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey was born.

“As leaders, the decisions we make and the manner in which we live out our faith influences those around us,” continued Sheets. “We must make key decisions and face challenges with great integrity, and always maintain that we are going to do the things we said we would, and put others first.”

Joining C-suite and top level executives from both global companies and entrepreneurial start-ups, the panel includes influencers such as Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Walmart Stores Inc., SVP of Public Affairs of Coca-Cola Consolidated, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Harvest Group.

Nature Nate’s is committed to a higher calling: serving God by serving its customers, and helping them and their families’ live healthy and abundant lives. It exemplifies this through the various charity campaigns and organizations it is involved with, including its most recent breast cancer awareness campaign, #honeygiveshope, in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

About WorkMatters

WorkMatters was founded in April 2002 at Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, initially to reach its own members in the Northwest area of the state. The success of the not-for-profit organization has allowed it to expand across 17 states, where it has equipped over 2,300 leaders through WorkMatters Studies, with around 5,100 leaders attending its monthly/quarterly events and 13,000 taking part in its annual Leadercast.

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Since 1972, Nature Nate’s has been dedicated to offering honey as nature intended – 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered. Arriving in its most natural form, this honey is closest to its original provision from the hive. Nature Nate’s adheres to strict quality-control standards, sourcing honey from trusted beekeepers and minimally processing it to ensure the honey retains all its natural benefits. Nature Nate’s promises an undivided commitment to providing the highest quality product to you and your family’s dining table – a farmer’s market quality honey, available year-round. For more information, visit:


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