Celebrating Dads This Father’s Day

The man Nature Nate smiling in a casual shirt, sitting on a couch.

Family posing together in a garden setting.

What do you love about being a father?

I love watching the people my kids become. Watching them develop into caring, loving people is a truly an awesome experience. I love that as they grow, I continue to have opportunities to parent – to shape character – to guide. Scripture says in Jeremiah 18:6 that, You are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am the potter.” We are clay in the hands of our Heavenly Father as he shapes and forms us. The fact that the Lord gives us opportunities to do the same with our own kids is a complete honor.

What advice do you wish someone had given you as a young dad?

I wish someone had encouraged me to slow down and enjoy the early years just a little bit more. To play with my kids the moment they wanted to play. To say “yes” more when they wanted to go do something spontaneous. Those years fly by. Don’t forget to slow down.

A family with four children, all smiling and seated on a festively decorated porch.

The Sheets family, Christmas 2011

Being a business man, husband and father can be a tricky combination. How do you find balance in the busy?

I, probably like most dads, have made mistakes over the years and have learned from them. I strive to make sure my family has priority over business. I am intentional to take family calls even if I am in a meeting. If there is a conflict in schedules, I have learned to put family first every time.  I also try to incorporate my wife and kids into business discussions as much as possible. I want them to be part of what Nate’s is doing and who we are becoming. This will have long term implications in the lives of our kids. I want them to see that family is important. For me, they are always the trump card.

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Do you have any tips you would give to new dads out there as they celebrate Father’s Day?

Absolutely. Always model for your kids love for their mom, a servant’s heart for the family and be an example of God’s grace in the every day. Grace is the love of God shown when we least deserve it. It is the unmerited favor of God. I want to be able to live that out with my wife and with my kids.

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