Nate's Great Honey Adventure

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A Sweet Experience
for a Sweet Family.

In celebration of National Honey Month, we’re launching Nate’s Great Honey Adventure to share the amazingness of bees, beekeeping and the journey honey takes from hive to table. Nature Nate invited the Braniff Family to join him on the first Nate’s Great Honey Adventure. On this spectacular experience, the Braniff kids journeyed all the way from North Carolina to Texas for an up-close look at not only how bees make honey but also the journey that honey takes from hive to their table.


No Need to Fear the
Amazing Honey Bee.

To most kids, getting up close and personal can bee a little unnerving but not the Braniff clan, who bravely donned their bee suits and visited our friends at University of Texas, Dallas to see what the buzzzz was really all about. What they discovered is that bees aren’t so scary after all, but rather honeybees are hard little workers, more concerned with storing honey for the winter than trying to sting anyone that isn’t a threat to the hive. After spending the afternoon learning how to inspect a hive and harvest honey comb from a bee box, they were already talking about becoming beekeepers themselves! Did someone say “backyard hive?" Yes please!

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Keeping It 100% Pure,
Raw & Unfiltered.

Angela Braniff, mom to the Braniff Tribe and brilliant mind behind popular YouTube channel & blog “This Gathered Nest,” knows how important it is to fuel the day with real foods. The best way to know whether or not your food isn’t processed is to go to the source. So “to the factory!” they cheered as they followed Nature Nate into the bottling facility. “It really is just from the hive to the bottle; it really is that simple,” Angela marveled as she witnessed how Nature Nate’s Honey Co. blends and bottles millions of pounds of honey annually to go on families' tables all over the U.S.

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Choose Real and Add Extraordinary
to Your Next Dish.

The last (and sweetest) lesson of the day was eating the honey of course! Shelby and Kennedy Braniff took to the kitchen with Nature Nate and learned how to swap table sugar for honey to make delicious fresh lemonade. While the rest of the Braniff gang learned how adding honey to everyday staples like ham, cheese, & apple roll ups can make your taste buds do a happy dance. At the end of the day, Nate & the Braniff’s gathered around to feast on their delicious honey treats and talk about all the cool things they learned about honeybees and how honey goes from hive to table.

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