Nate’s Donates to 25 U.S. Non-Profits

A city street with the phrase Honey Gives Hope, and a heart above Hope, by Nature Nate's Honey Co.

As a company, it’s in our nature to share. As we enter our 25th year of business, we are excited to honor this milestone with a donation to 25 women’s, children’s and homeless shelters and non-profit organizations that uplift their communities across the country. Our goal with this donation is to sweeten the lives of individuals and families in 25 cities through our corporate giving initiative, Honey Gives Hope. 

To enable this large-scale donation, we partnered with VOMO, a cloud-based volunteer management software that helps organizations and companies recruit new volunteers, improve communication, optimize the user experience and convert volunteers into donors. Together with VOMO, we are honored to donate to the following organizations: 

  • Alternative’s For Girl’s (Detroit, Mich.) 
  • Camp Noah (Minneapolis, Minn.) 
  • City Lights Ministry (Charlotte, N.C.) 
  • Dress for Success Indianapolis (Indianapolis, Ind.) 
  • Dress for Success Tampa (Miami, Fla.) 
  • Family Rescue (Chicago, Ill.) 
  • First Light (Birmingham, Ala.) 
  • Fresh Start Women’s Foundation (Phoenix, Ariz.) 
  • Genesis Women’s Shelter (Dallas, Texas) 
  • LA Dream Center (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
  • LSS Network of Hope (Columbus, Ohio) 
  • Manna Soup Kitchen (Denver, Colo.) 
  • My Sister’s Place Women’s Center (Baltimore, Md.) 
  • One Heart for Women & Children (Orlando, Fla.) 
  • Rosie’s Place (Boston, Mass.) 
  • Shalom House (Harrisburg, Pa.) 
  • Sienna House (New York, N.Y.) 
  • Small Things (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
  • The Drake House (Atlanta, Ga.) 
  • The Hub Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nev.) 
  • The Landing (Houston, Texas) 
  • The Switch Anti-Trafficking (Cincinnati, Ohio) 
  • Union Mission Ministries (Richmond, Va.) 
  • Women’s Lunch Place (Boston, Mass.) 
  • Wrenn House (Raleigh, N.C.) 

Our Honey Gives Hope program benefits non-profits, ministries, hospitals, and schools to give back in a way that is as pure, raw and unfiltered as the honey we bottle. To learn more, visit: long-standing partnerships and demands-based response initiatives, visit: 


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