Meatless Monday and More

Eating meat is no longer the only way to consume protein, and going meatless doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or substance. These days, there are endless creative ideas for skipping the usual protein suspects. In case you were wondering, yes, you probably can zoodle that.

With help from 100% pure honey, you can whip up marinara sauce so thick and tasty you won’t miss the meat. Still craving a burger? You’ll be surprised how far a sweet potato can take you and stunned by how much you’ll love tofu after simmering in a sticky-sweet honey mango sauce. Whether you’re a permanently reformed carnivore or just barely dipping your toes into the infinity pool of meat-free meals, our collection of vegetarian recipes is packed with reasons to give meatless Monday a shot or even go full-fledged veg-head.

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