From the Farm:

Making an Impact Every Day

Victoria Cooper, Nature Nate’s Marketing Specialist, on educating honey consumers and making cold brew coffees.

A Charleston, South Carolina native, Victoria is a dynamic, vibrant, and integral member of the Nature Nate’s marketing team. As a motivated and intelligent young person, she began college at Clemson when she was sixteen, graduating at age twenty with a degree in Communications.

Victoria joined Nature Nate’s Honey Co. almost two years ago. She relocated to the Dallas area for the position and was eager to put her many bee puns to good use. (Her favorite is bee-autiful.) While she had no roots in the area, she said that the Nature Nate’s family has really helped her integrate into Texas life–it now feels like home– and Victoria truly loves what she does for Nature Nate’s.

Connecting People to Product

“I work as a marketing specialist for Nature Nate’s, which is a fun way of saying I wear many hats,” Victoria said. “I not only manage our digital advertising, which is all of our social media and Google ads, but I also run our corporate social responsibility program, our ambassador program, and our influencer program.”

In close contact with the brand ambassadors, Victoria often hears how people use Nature Nate’s Honey in their daily lives. It’s not uncommon for her to receive emails about how Nature Nate’s Honey was used in a bake sale or how honey packets were a hit at soccer practice. Victoria says that this part of her job allows her to see real, everyday moments when Nature Nate’s touches people’s lives. And to her, “it’s just incredible.”

Resource for Families

At Nature Nate’s, our team members work hard to ensure our honey is always the highest quality possible. Victoria sees Nature Nate’s as being a leader not only in honey quality but also in consumer education.

“One of the things that Nature Nate’s really has an opportunity to do is to be an advocate for high-quality honey and what honey should look like in the industry,” Victoria said. “From my stance, it’s about making sure people are really knowledgeable and educated consumers, and we really have the ability to pave the way with that.”

Nature Nate’s believes that real, high-quality honey is a wonderful alternative to processed sugar. And Victoria loves helping people make the switch to honey, because she knows it’s not always easy. “We can be a resource for families. We really have the opportunity to create content where we can have recipes and other easy ways people can make the switch within their existing busy lifestyles. And I love that.”

Victoria’s preferred swap? Honey instead of caramel in her iced coffee. She mixes in almond milk with a cold brew and drizzles honey on top. Yum!

Making a Difference

One of the things Victoria loves most about working at Nature Nate’s is that she believes every person can make an impact on the company each day. And she loves seeing her ideas come to fruition and cheering on her teammates’ ideas.

“Nature Nate’s really and truly values its employees and makes us feel like we’re an important part of it,” Victoria said. “And on top of that, we have Honey Gives Hope, where we’re giving back to those who need it. Being able to have that real, true heart is just so important. That’s the big message I love to share with people– we’re doing something to make the world a better place.”

When she’s not thinking up new bee puns or enthusiastically supporting her team at Nature Nate’s, you can find Victoria at improv comedy class, practicing Krav Maga or volunteering at a local hospice center. We’re so grateful for Victoria and all her heart and hard work!