Honey Saves Hives – The National Honey Board Celebrates National Honey Month

Bee pollinating yellow flowers against a blurred background.

Here at the Nate’s Honey Co. farm, we’re celebrating National Honey Month for 30 un-bee-lieveable days in September. To sweeten the festivities, we’re thrilled to honor the incredible work of the National Honey Board and its launch of the Honey Saves Hives program.

Honey bees are responsible for more than 35% of the foods we eat (not to mention the honey we enjoy), and they need our help!

For the month of September, the National Honey Board is partnering with Kashi, Justin’s and Frönen to raise money for honey bee research. Each of these brands uses honey in their products, and each will be making a donation in September to an organization focused on honey bee health.

Honey bees are crucial to our food system, because they naturally produce honey and pollinate more than 90 different crops, including apples, avocados, melons, broccoli, cranberries and more. So, when you buy a product with honey, you’re supporting beekeepers and their efforts to keep honey bees healthy. You’re also strengthening the connection between our pollinators and our planet’s entire ecosystem.

For more information about the National Honey Board’s Honey Saves Hives program and how you can help, visit www.honeysaveshives.com.

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