From the Farm:

Honey Makes It Better

Our Hive is Growing

It is with giddy excitement we introduce Nature Nate’s very own honey maple syrup and fruit spread with our 100% pure honey as the secret ingredient. Because it’s no secret, that honey makes it better.

Bees Are Good Teammates

Bees have been the master creators behind our honey, and it was time for our favorite busy bees to have some fun in the kitchen, too! We are proud to share our love for honey in new ways through these products that will be part of your family’s staples like pb&j sandwiches and waffles.

Honey Makes It Better


Raw VS Processed

We carefully selected less than five of the most pure and natural ingredients for each product. We never considered adding artificial ingredients or preservatives. Our 100% pure honey does nothing but add a touch of sweetness to heighten the flavor of your pantry staples.

Nature Nate’s honey is straight from the hive. Our honey maple syrup and fruit spread maintain this special ingredient’s raw properties and taste, creating a naturally clean product you can feel good about feeding your family.

What’s better than eating beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes? For your next trip down the grocery aisle, choose products that contain only raw honey, like Nature Nate’s.

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The Nature Nate’s Family