Honey Hacks for the Sam’s Club Member

At Nate’s, we are inspired by our fans who enjoy premium honey every day. From TikTok trends to copycat recipes and beyond, it’s fun to see the versatility and creative uses for Nate’s pure honey – both online and in real life.

We’ve curated 5 of the most recent fan-favorite Nate’s recipes to inspire the Sam’s Club member to explore how they can add honey into their daily life.

TikTok Viral

Just in time for summer, cottage cheese ice cream is turning heads, thanks to a viral recipe on TikTok. We recently partnered with @doosifit to create our honey-sweetened, protein-packed version of the ice cream recipe which was featured on Good Morning America. On your next Sam’s Club run, pick up the simple ingredients, gather the kids and try it for yourself – it’s delicious!

Starbucks Dupe

Skip the drive-thru with this dupe! With our copycat Starbucks Honey Lemon Loaf recipe, we’ve swapped the powdered sugar for 100% pure honey for a moist, soft and luxe lemon treat to add a bit of sweetness to your day.


Hot honey on pizza is not only Insta-worthy, it’s the secret topping you been missing! There’s a reason we expected it would be a hot (pun intended) trend this year. For pizza night, generously drizzle Nate’s Hot Honey to add a sweet heat to a grab-and-go Member’s Mark pizza for a total chef’s kiss moment. Be sure to tag #Nates in your post or story, so we join the fun!

Mama Deserves It

We know moms deserve the world (and more), but sometimes all that is possible is a sweet, quiet moment to themselves. For the coffee-loving mama, try our Iced Honey Mocha for a delicious, naturally sweetened coffee at home – with or without the kiddos!


Made with just 6 ingredients, our yummy PB & Honey Bites are not only kid-approved but also endorsed by moms looking to keep little hands busy and tummies full. Grab your helpers, and whip up a big batch for a guilt-free and colorful snack everyone will love.


Members can grab all ingredients for these sweet creations at Sam’s Club to add to their weekly menus.


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