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from bees to beyond the bottle

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Research grants for bee health

Long Live the Bees! Yes, our winged friends provide delicious honey, but they also play a vital role in our environment and ecosystem. We team up with experts across the country and invest in critical research with leading universities to work toward a world where honey bees and hives are healthy.

Financial support for women & children

It’s in our nature to share. We give throughout the year to 501(c)(3) mission-driven organizations, like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Kids’ Meals, Inc. and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, that support kids and families across the country.

Honey for nourishment

Honey is extraordinary. Which is why we provide honey to food banks, hospitals, ministries, schools and other non-profit community groups that don’t normally have access to this all-natural superfood. Our demands-based giving model allows us to donate honey to people when they need it most.

ThanksOur giving is only possible because of each person who purchases Nate's honey.

Nate's Vision

A note from Nate. The why behind Honey Gives Hope.

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