Honey Gives Hope

We want to be
impactful with the things
entrusted to us.

It's in our nature to share.

At Nature Nate’s, we share the many blessings that we’ve been given by supporting families and helping communities across the US and beyond. Our business is driven by more than the bottom line — we measure success not just by what we achieve, but also by what we contribute.

How We Make an Impact

Long Live The Bees

We give back to bee health by partnering with responsible beekeepers and leading universities for bee health research.

Sustainability in Production

From generating as little waste as possible to never wasting honey, we help the greater hive by taking as little from it as possible.

Helping Communities

Our work doesn't stop with the orange label on your shelf. We steward our profits to help families and communities in need across the country.

From the bees to
beyond the bottle

Helping our neighbors is our promise to care for the entire honey ecosystem.

Honey Donations

We support our communities by donating product year-round to various causes and organizations, including food banks, hospitals, ministries, schools, and other non-profits. In 2022, we donated more than 70,000 pounds of honey and gave financial donations to 40 organizations. For more information about our latest efforts through Nate's Honey Gives Hope initiative, check out our blog.