We're committed to positively impacting the world around us.
How Honey Helps

From the Bees to You

From the bees to beyond the bottle, Happy Hives, Happy Lives is our promise to be responsible stewards of resources in our world. It starts with bee health, includes sustainable practices in our production facilities and offices, and ends with giving profits back to communities in need. We care for the entire honey ecosystem and believe that a happy home is the key to living a healthy life.


Long Live the Bees

We give back to bee health by partnering with responsible beekeepers and leading universities for bee health research.

Sustainability in Production

From generating as little waste as possible to never wasting honey, we help the greater hive by taking as little from it as possible.

Honey Gives Hope

It doesn't stop at the shelf. We steward our profits to families and communities in need.

How You Can Help

For every honey bottle that's sold, we are able to give back. Find out where you can buy Nature Nate's Raw & Unfiltered Honey at your local store.
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