Guess What’s Back (Almost!)? No-Drip Caps

Two sizes of Nate's 100% pure raw & unfiltered honey bottles on a white surface.

At Nature Nate’s Honey Co., we take immense pride in every aspect of our honey production from working with the best beekeepers to wiping every single bottle by hand to be sure it isn’t sticky when it gets to your store’s shelf. Our investment in our unique no-drip (bright orange and bright green) caps is another way we helped you enjoy the sweetness of honey without the sticky mess.

What’s a no-drip cap? It’s a flip cap with a mess-free nozzle that controls the amount of honey in every squeeze.

But due to massive impacts of COVID to the entire manufacturing chain, you may have seen a variety of caps on Nature Nate’s bottles. With increasing demand and supply chain challenges, we had to use alternate caps to keep our most trusted honey on the shelf and in your kitchen. The quality of your honey and our bottle stayed the same.

We’re excited to now share with confidence that our no-drip caps will be back! We’ll need your patience with the timing as we expect them on our farm at the end of the 2021 and rolling out to your favorite retailers at the beginning of 2022.

In the meantime, we’re here for you! If you just can’t wait and need a no-drip cap right away, we have a small supply on hand, so please email us at Our team is happy to serve you.

We’re honored that you love Nature Nate’s honey – everything from our blend’s award-winning taste to the bottle and cap that lets you enjoy it. We’re grateful that you bring our bottle into your kitchen.

Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.