From the Farm:

Graze Together With Honey

Everyone has their trick for managing family snacking at home. None of us have bottomless pantries, and it seems like kitchen staples we bought just a few days ago disappear into thin air faster than we can say “grocery delivery.”

Maybe you employ the two-snacks-a-day-and-that’s-it rule. Maybe everyone gets their own lunch bag of snacks for the day. Or maybe you stopped caring a few months ago – we don’t blame you.

Our trick? Place a honey-drizzled platter of goodness on the table, and let the munching begin. Any of these options for grazing can be enjoyed for a while, so hungry hands can grab at their own pace and come back for seconds! Choose from fresh fruit-filled with a special honey dip, easy protein-packed homemade hummus, and extra decadent cheese boards that will keep tummies happy, and kitchen sinks empty, at least until dinner!