From One Dad to Another

An adult and two children are engaged in conversation on a vast beach during low tide, under a winter sky.

Nate’s dads reflect on parental wisdom this Father’s Day

From piggyback rides, to homework help, to making the meanest burger on the block, dads are there to take care of us. And we’re so blessed to have such loving, supportive fathers in our lives.

This Father’s Day, our Nate’s team wanted to reflect on what being a dad means to our dads. Because at Nate’s, we always put families first. We strive each day to support families by putting real, natural foods on kitchen tables and giving back to organizations that uplift families in need.

So, here’s a little fatherly wisdom from our hive to yours!

Perseverance Not Perfection

My dad wasn’t perfect, but he did the best he could. He was humorous and passionate. He is someone I strive to be like.” – John-Michael Diaz

“I believe that a father figure can be anyone from a dad to a coach to a neighbor that has influenced your life for the better. I grew up with a dad who never claimed to be perfect but vowed to always be present and positive no matter the situation. Even in the hard times, he was there for me. His resilience and perseverance are incredible.” – Braxton Stein

“Some of the greatest lessons I learned from my dad are perseverance and determination. My parents raised 7 kids, and dad never allowed setbacks or frustration to get in the way of molding his children into adults that have remained close to each other, love God, and serve others. He may have had several excuses for why things weren’t better or why he wasn’t more ‘successful’— but he never used them.” – Tim Spaight

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Passed-Down Wisdom

“I was only 21 years old when I first experienced the beginning of dad-hood. I was still a kid myself, but I just remember thinking ‘I don’t know how to be a dad.’ So what did I do? I did what many first-time dads do, I started thinking back on all that my dad did with us kids. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but I do consider myself blessed to have a dad that fears the Lord, adores his wife and has always provided for his kids. My father taught me to do whatever you need to do to provide for the needs of your family, to lead by example and to tell your children how Christ is our ultimate role model in life.” – Alex Najera

“I love watching my kids surpass me in their ability to do something I was always better at. I love watching them grow and cheering them on.” – Nathan Sheets

“The greatest gifts in the world came the day my two boys were born. Becoming a dad gave me a much better appreciation for my own dad and an opportunity to reflect back on my own childhood. In fact, there are a lot of things I say to my own boys, that after saying it, I think how my dad used to say that to me and my brothers! He would tell us, ‘Don’t forget where you came from, because when you do, you lose who you are.’” – Matt Venezuela

A joyful adult crouches on ice beside two young hockey players in yellow jerseys and helmets, inside an indoor rink.

Guiding with Love and Patience

“Being a dad is being involved emotionally, physically, and financially.  Most importantly, it’s about teaching what you’ve learned while allowing your child to grow & learn from their own mistakes and just being there to pick them up and support them.” – Bobby Virk

“As a dad, you have to be patient, caring and loving, but you also have to be stern—all at once. You just have to have patience. They’re just kids and remember that you have to lead by example.” – Aaron Rexroad

Father's Day collage with joyful family moments and kids' activities.

“I love being a dad to my boys. I love watching them grow into men and guiding them both spiritually and tactfully.” – Stu Grubbs

“Being a dad has helped me better understand what my Heavenly Father is like. It has helped me discover more of the heart of God. In the good choices and the bad, I know God is there to guide and shepherd me, just like I desire to guide and shepherd my own kids. Knowing him personally also allows me to exercise the muscle of trust. God gives me the freedom to take a leap of faith knowing, with full certainty, that he will catch me. Being a father is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given, and I am forever thankful.” – Nathan Sheets

Family of six enjoying a seaside sunset, with smiles and casual summer attire.

In the Small Moments

“As a dad, it is the simple things that mean the world to me and make our relationship so special—from waking up early for a negative tide to explore the tidal pools with my son and then heading to The Shack for a lobster roll, to sneaking out before anyone wakes up and going to our favorite coffee shop for a cinnamon roll… or two! When you are sitting in the stands watching your boys play hockey, and they look up to find you and smile with a thumbs up, that’s when you know there’s something special.

There are so many things in today’s world that want to steal our attention and pull us away from our families; however, when you let go of everything and nothing in the world matters but your family, you will see that it’s the thumbs up you get and the joy you see on their faces that make being a dad so amazing.” -Matt Venezuela

From all of the fathers, mothers, daughters and sons at Nate’s, Happy Father’s Day to all the hard-working dads out there. We can’t thank you enough!

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