Find Joy This Spring with Nature Nate’s

Child in yellow, eating a Nate's honey mini, against a wooden backdrop.

The welcoming of longer days and more sunshine looks a little different without park playdates, family barbecues and spring celebrations. This spring may not be typical, and for many, it will be the hardest spring they’ve experienced. Finding joy in such an extended period of unknown sometimes feels like an impossible challenge, but it does still exist. You don’t have to look far, and you’ll see it – in the eager spotting of a backyard roly poly, in sticky fingers after a cookie-baking session or simply in some extra morning snuggles.

As a little honey company specializing in bringing 100% pure sweetness into your lives, we have some ideas for how to make the most of your new normal, whatever that may look like. And you can also count on us for prayers that you and your family stay safe this spring and discover all the many ways to find happiness right within arm’s reach. 

Hit Refresh in the Kitchen

Three glasses of citrus slushie with straws, garnished with orange slices, Nate's honey bottle pouring into one glass.

Cooking brings happiness to some; whereas others enjoy the eating part most. Whatever brings you joy, getting in the kitchen to prepare and sample new recipes might be exactly what you need. Honey and thyme glazed flatbread makes for a five-star family pizza night, and there’s never been a better time to enjoy a citrus-packed slushie while basking in the sun on the front porch. And don’t get us started on these Honey Oat Bites. All we’ll say is you’ll want to go ahead and double the recipe. Trust us.

Family Date Night

Hands holding a clipboard with a scavenger hunt game plan and floral design elements.

Anyone with children knows sometimes it’s just flat out impossible to avoid stir crazy. Use family date night as everyone’s motivation to push through another long day by promising a night of fun and togetherness at the end. Once everyone has finished working and learning from home for the day, head out on an early evening scavenger hunt – we’ve already started it for you! Top the fun off with stovetop s’mores before settling in for a family movie.

Keep Learning Light

Child coloring Save the Bees themed educational sheets with crayons on a dark surface, surrounded by stationery.

Let’s face it, not all of us were meant to homeschool our kids, and many of us are realizing (if we didn’t already know it) that teachers are superheroes. Our Long Live The Bees lesson plan has nine printable and educational activity pages for your sweet busy bees. That’s more than a week’s worth! If your kids are missing their school teachers and friends, share the plans with friends, so they can join in the fun from their house. Then let the kids have a Show-Off Day via Facetime, so everyone can share their handy work!

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