Feel-good Honey Pairings

A smoothie bowl with mixed berries and a drizzle of honey, next to a honey dipper on a white hexagonal tile surface.

If the seasonal sniffles have you down, look no further than your fridge or pantry for these easy feel-good drinks and snacks that pair well with pure honey. With a few natural ingredients, you can perk up your energy level. These four simple and easy pairings can help you stay on top of your vitamin intake and keep your body feeling ready to conquer the day. Enjoy! 


Creating a smoothie filled with nutrient-rich ingredients is a simple and delicious way to drink your vitamins and keep yourself feeling good. Try loading up on greens, fruit or protein and sweetening it up with some honey! Plus, smoothies are an easy grab-and-go snack. 


Toast is trendy because it’s an easy and delicious way to create a no-fuss balanced snack. Consider topping a multi-grain toast with ricotta, peanut butter or hummus for a satisfying treat. Be sure to add a generous drizzle of pure honey for added sweetness.  

Oatmeal bowl with peach slices and blueberries, beside a bottle of Nate's honey and a whole peach on marble.


Is there anything better than a warm bowl of oatmeal? We don’t think so! Sweeten your next bowl of oats with pure honey. Trust us – you’ll taste and feel the difference. If you are looking to add extra vitamins or protein to each bite, top with your favorite fruits such as peaches, berries, walnuts, almonds and more. If you want to get a jump start on your day, try preparing our Overnight Oatmeal that includes chia seeds, yogurt and protein powder.   


Feeling drowsy in the carpool line or trying to get through that mid-afternoon lull? Grab a snack rich in protein like yogurt! Real, natural yogurt contains calcium and protein to give you a boost. Just make sure to purchase natural yogurt rather than loading up on processed sugar. Top your yogurt with honey to add some natural sweetness. 

Yogurt has tons of potential: Eat it plain with honey or layer on various fruits and grains. Get creative! We especially love this Apple Pie Yogurt Parfait for a treat kids and adults will love. 


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