One Weekend, One Million Meals

A group of cheerful people wearing hairnets and casual clothes, pose for a photo in an indoor setting.

At Nate’s, we work hard to provide families with authentic, high-quality and natural products. From sourcing the highest-quality honey to our rigorous quality testing, Nate’s brings your family only the best. We also work hard to help those in need and give back to our community. Selling delicious honey is our business, but giving back is our mission and our heart.

Our fearless leader Nathan Sheets set an inspiring example from the founding of Nate’s. Always one to jump in and help, Nathan believes in sharing his successes with those around him. Under our Honey Gives Hope program, we’ve partnered with some amazing companies doing influential work like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Samaritan Inn, The Hope Project, Show Hope and many women’s shelters around the country. We strive to jump in and help families wherever we can. And we’ve gained a new partner, Feed My Starving Children, who is doing just that.

Two smiling people wearing hairnets and casual clothing are packaging food at a table, with large bags.

How They Help

Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children provides meal packs to hungry children throughout the world. The Christian organization has served over 70 countries and has donated millions of ready-to-eat meals every year. In order to achieve such a feat, they rely on an extensive network of volunteers and an efficient packing process. They recently opened a new Richardson, Texas office—just minutes from our own honey farm—and we’re proud of the work they’re bringing to our area.

The organization hosts MobilePack events where volunteers work hard to pack one million meals in a single weekend. One million meals! The Nate’s team had the incredible opportunity to participate in one of these MobilePack events and witness their work firsthand.

A person in a hairnet is focused on sealing food packages at an event, with other volunteers working in the background.

Nate’s Jumps In

In February, members of the Nate’s team joined the meal-packing volunteers. Over three days, our team worked hard moving, labeling and packing meals for hungry children. In two hours, we packed around 150,000 meals, which can feed 424 children for an entire year. Think about that number! What we can do in two hours keeps hundreds of children from going hungry, thanks to this organization. We felt so blessed to be a part of their wide reaching and amazing work.

A group of people, all wearing hairnets, is sitting in rows of an auditorium, smiling and facing the camera.

With hearts full of gratitude, the Nature Nate’s team spoke about the rewarding and enriching experience thanks to Feed My Starving Children: “It’s a chance to put your hands to work,” Alex Najera, a Nate’s employee, said. “We are called as believers to do this work, and they gave us a practical way to exercise our faith and what Nate’s stands for.”

Growing to Give

We will also continue to work hard in order to give back to those in need no matter the cause. Through Honey Gives Hope we try our best to help all families from all over the world. We truly believe that honey can make a difference in people’s lives because we see it happening every day. So know that whenever you buy a bottle of Nate’s honey, you’re giving back too. Your honey gives hope to others and allows the Nate’s giving mission to continue.

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