Favorite Better-For-You Snacks

Colorful smoothies in glasses, a plate of fruit and a pouch of Nate’s honey against a blue background.

When it’s hangry o’clock, you need a snack that’s made to power your day! Whether it’s sweet, savory or a bit of both, our list of better-for-you snacks are perfect for helping you feel satisfied and content – without all of the guilt. So the next time it’s snacking hour, skip the overly processed options and whip up one (or two) of these easy and delicious recipes instead.

Honey Apple Chips 

DIY Oatmeal Mini Jars 

Egg Bites with Honey Bacon 

PB&J Froyo Bites 

Honey Sweetened Korean Chicken Wings 

Green Power Smoothie 

Honey & Ricotta Toast 

Cookie Dough Energy Bites 

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