From the Farm:

DIY Painted Succulent Garden in 5 Steps

At Nature Nate’s, we like to keep things real. We do that through maintaining the natural quality of our honey, staying true to our word, and seeking out real experiences.

Choosing real isn’t just about honey. You can choose to be real in your actions, your work, your home projects, or any other aspect of your life. And at Nature Nate’s, we want to add as much real and natural goodness to your life as we can. Try choosing real with this easy succulent project as a gift for yourself or someone in your life. This bright and natural DIY garden can add a little bit of nature to your
office or home.



  • A large clear bowl
  • Regular acrylic paint in any colors you like
  • Small succulent plants
  • Potting soil
  • Sand (we used cream)
  • Rocks, beads, and any other accent materials


Step 1
Layer the different paint colors any way you’d like along the bottom of your bowl. You’re going to be layering the paint and building from the bottom up, so be sure to let the paint dry if needed. We started with gold and light pink. Then brush your paint to give it an airy, sweeping quality. It will look thin at first, but remember you’ll keep layering!


Step 2
Dry your paint between layers to avoid everything mixing together. You can wait it out or try using a hair dryer to speed up the process. Then keep on layering! If at any point you don’t like how your layering is going, you can remove the paint with nail polish remover and start over. Once you’re happy with your bowl it’s time to…


Step 3

After you’ve got your paint layered and dried how you like it, it’s time to build your succulent bed. Place a small mound of dirt in the center of your bowl. Then build sand around the dirt to pack it in.

Step 4
Next, arrange your small succulents how you’d like them on top of your dirt and plant them. Try to leave some space between the plants to show off any rocks you’d like to add. After planting, cover the dirt and between the plants with sand. If you get any on the succulents, just gently dust it off with a paintbrush!

Step 5
Last, arrange any stones or beads that you like around the bowl. Get creative with it!

Place your new, natural centerpiece on your coffee table, in your kitchen or office, or anywhere you’d like to have some real and natural goodness!