From the Farm:

Diana is Her Name, & Quality Assurance is Her Game

How do I know the honey behind that bright orange label is 100% pure? How do you make sure syrup and other sugars aren’t added? Do you test for other things, like pesticides and antibiotics? Why should I trust Nature Nate’s over other honeys?

At Nature Nate’s Honey Co., honey is our passion, and purity is our guarantee. As the most trusted honey company, we’re on a mission to steward the precious resource bees have gifted to us: 100% pure honey, and we have the right people in place to keep that guarantee.

Meet Diana, Director of Quality Assurance at Nature Nate’s Honey Co.

Q: How would you describe your role on the Nature Nate’s team?

I love my role on this team. I am the Director of Quality Assurance here at the farm and am very passionate about what I do. My role is to influence and promote a safety and quality mindset across the organization and with trusted suppliers. I have the unique opportunity to implement a variety of strategies, programs, policies, and procedures that ensure our honey and packaging meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Q: As a company, we strive to be leaders in educating consumers on why choosing raw and unfiltered honey over processed sugar is important as well as setting the highest quality standards in our field. What strides do you see us making to ensure both of these goals are met?

Our company is passionate about educating customers on why 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey is important. At the farm, we test and verify that every batch of honey that enters our facility and exits through a bright orange bottle is 100% pure, guaranteed. We go above and beyond to ensure our quality standards are met for pesticides, antibiotics, sugar spectrum, isotopes, and pollen. Through our comprehensive internal and third-party testing measures, we are able to ensure with confidence the best honey ends up in your bottle. We are proud to be the honey leader in this effort.

Q: The Nature Nate’s family implements a set of core values called the Bee Attitudes. Is there a specific attitude you strive to implement?

The one I have embraced and strive to model to our team is Bee Passionate. I want us to be passionate about our jobs, the way we serve each other, and the way we serve our community. Passion is contagious, and I want the passion I have for what I do to permeate throughout this team.

Q: What is something you want people to know about Nature Nate’s that they might not know from just looking at our orange label?

I want them to know that we have a team that works hard behind the scenes to put the best product in every store and home across the country. We want to be the best at what we do, and we truly believe that starts with our customers trusting us with the sweetest product on the market.