The Sweet Alternative to Candy This Halloween

A person holding a white pumpkin basket filled with Nate's orange honey minis, surrounded by pumpkins.

How to Choose Real this Halloween

Hate the idea of the kids loading up on sugar Halloween night (and for weeks after)? We do too. Choosing real doesn’t have to mean compromising you or your kids’ desires for something sweet. There’s a solution that will make everyone happy. Ditch all the ingredients packed into candy and still get the sweetness everyone craves for the holidays.

A child in a ladybug costume reaching for a Nate's honey mini from a white pumpkin with orange spots, held by an adult.

Honey Packets

Swap processed Halloween candy for a natural alternative like Nate’s raw & unfiltered honey packets. They’re easy to hand out to trick-or-treaters by the fistful, just like candy, and your kids will love ripping off the top and enjoying the delicious taste of honey.

Avoid the crash

“Between 3,500-7,000 calories worth of candy is collected by the average child on Halloween. By substituting Halloween treats with natural sugars such as real honey, children can enjoy the sweetness without serious blood sugar reactions.” Kelly Jones, Registered Dietitian

Processed sugar is high on the glycemic index, causing an energy spike and a quick-to-follow lull. Raw honey is lower on the scale, providing a more sustainable energy.

A creative arrangement of fruit and other treats with hands adding honey and decorations, evoking a festive atmosphere.

At Nate’s choosing real starts with the real people who offer their labors of love to provide you with real honey we feel good about putting on your family’s table. We thank God for allowing us to serve you and your family this holiday season.

Remember: don’t give honey to children under the age of twelve months.

A happy child in costume enjoys a Nate's honey mini, surrounded by a lively, themed decor.

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