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Meet Nature Nate's Biggest Fans

It all started with a
passion for honey

We love our honey, and we’re passionate about sharing it with everyone we know and meet. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones. Across the country, you’ll meet sweet folks who proudly wear our bright orange brand and love to talk about why you can’t live without our amazing honey. You might see them in the honey aisle of your favorite shop, passing out honey packets at their local community event or posting cute photos of our honey bottle on their social accounts. You know them as a friend or neighbor, and we’re blessed to know them as Nature Nate’s ambassadors.

Who are Nature Nate’s Ambassadors?

Our brand ambassadors are the biggest fans of Nature Nate’s Honey. Many of our ambassadors have been loyal followers and supporters since the beginning, while others are newcomers who can’t stop raving about Nature Nate’s signature taste. They follow the latest news from the farm, try our newest products, taste test our favorite recipes with honey, and send us feedback or ideas to help us grow.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

Nature Nate’s ambassadors are at the heart of our company. They support us in their communities by sharing the sweet taste of Nature Nate’s Honey with their friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, even their mailman. They are educating others on honey, the Nature Nate’s difference in flavor and quality, and how Nature Nate’s is making an impact for bees and beyond the bottle.

Sounds cool, so What are the benefits?

For all of the awesomeness they do, our ambassadors receive:

- Access to Nature Nate’s private Facebook community
- Chances to win cool prizes through quarterly challenges
- Opportunities to receive products for events
- 1:1 communication with a dedicated ambassador team member

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