Beyond the Production Line: Shipping Honey with Care

An employee wearing a Nature Nate's Honey Co. t-shirt standing  outside with a street and construction in the background.

Have you ever thought about how our iconic orange-labeled bottles of honey get from our production lines to your kitchen? Behind every bottle and every transaction, our dedicated distribution team plays an important role in making it possible to serve the highest-quality honey to your family. At Nate’s, we love to shine a spotlight on our people and show the tremendous value they bring to each and every bottle of pure honey. Which is why we are excited to introduce you to one of our hardworking and passionate team members.

Meet Brittani, Warehouse Associate for our distribution team.

Q: How would you describe your role on the Nate’s team?

A: I help with all areas of the distribution of Nate’s honey, but primarily I distribute our product to our e-commerce partners like Amazon and, as well as ship to our small business partners. I also work with members of our Sales and Marketing teams to ship product for samples or trade shows and oversee our small pack team that produces our “on-the-go” products, helping to ensure that the very best product ends up on our customers’ tables.

Q: As a company, we strive to be leaders, whether in honey, on our team or in our community. How do you see yourself contributing to these high standards?

A: Our high-quality standards don’t stop at the production line, so making sure that every pallet and package is neat, clean and undamaged when it leaves our dock is important to me. As a member of the distribution team, I strive to ship product that I would be proud to see displayed on a shelf, and I encourage my team to do the same. Working as a team and listening to each other’s ideas for efficiency, implementing new processes to better serve our customers and striving to be more organized is something that is important and try to emphasize daily.

Q: The Nate’s family implements a set of core values called the Bee Attitudes. Is there a specific attitude you strive to implement?

A: Bee-Honest is probably what I strive to implement the most. Honesty is a core value in all aspects of my life. Just like our honey, I try to be 100% raw and pure. What you see is what you get. I also love the Bee-Passionate value, and it’s high on my list of priorities. Our customers deserve the very best, and I do all that I can to provide an unmatched level of service and care.

Q: What is something you want people to know about Nate’s that they might not know from just looking at our orange label?

A: Nate’s is more than just a bottle of honey. We are a family that cares for each other, and we extend that to our customers, vendors and community. We take pride in all that we do, so our customers can be confident that what they are giving their families is of the highest quality.

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Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.