What Color of Honey Is the Best?

Three jars of honey in different shades with a honey dipper in a bowl of honey on a yellow napkin.

Have you ever wondered why honey comes in different colors? Maybe you’ve noticed the different light brown hues or dark amber colors when shopping for honey. But what makes honey different shades? What color of honey is the best? We’re here to explain.

A bee hovering over vibrant blue lupine flowers, collecting nectar.

Bees pollinate from different crops and flowers.

Flower Power

Honey comes from flower nectar. Bees buzz around collecting nectar from various flowers and bring it back to their hive where they make the honey. It is these origin flowers that impact the color of your honey. Depending on which type of flower nectar the bees gathered, the honey can range anywhere from nearly colorless to dark brown. For example, buckwheat honey is dark and full, while orange blossom honey is lightly colored and sweet.

According to the National Honey Board, there are over 300 types of honey in the United States. Each type of honey comes from a different flower source. The many different flowers in nature result in varying colors and tastes of honey. Some honey can only be produced in certain parts of the country where that particular flower grows. Sage blossom, for example, comes mostly from California, while tupelo honey’s home is in northern Florida.

The Perfect Amber Color

At Nate’s, our beloved classic honey is a rich amber color. Rather than utilizing just one type of honey, we blend together a variety of flavors to create perfectly balanced honey just for you. By blending different hues and flavors, we achieve a more complex and creative taste. Plus, you can count on it being consistent from bottle to bottle.

While we can’t give up our super duper top secret recipe, we can share that we blend different types of honey with precision and care, resulting in our delicious raw and unfiltered amber-colored honey.
Hands holding a bear-shaped bottle of Nate's honey and a sunflower against a sweater.

The Best Honey Is Bright Orange

Nate’s raw & unfiltered honey undergoes extensive testing to ensure top quality. We partner with the best beekeepers we can find to get the highest-quality honey out there. We also ensure a high pollen count in our honey, which allows us to identify the origin of the flowers so we are always sure about the source of our honey.

Meticulously blended and tested for a clean read of pesticides and antibiotics, Nate’s honey is just honey, 100% pure. Know that when you choose the bright orange label, you are choosing honey as nature intended.

Check out our Purity Guarantee to learn more about our strict standards, and read our post 8 Foods to Pair with Honey for more ways to use honey every day.

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