Bake Better Cookies with Honey

In our food-loving opinion, there’s not much a fresh-baked cookie can’t fix. We take them to neighbors as a friendly hello. We dole them out as favors at special celebrations. We drop them off along with our condolences during a friend’s time of need.

We totally get that everyone takes pride in their own tried-and-true cookie recipe. Perhaps you’ve perfected the classic chocolate chip, or you’ve figured out how to replicate a well-known treat. (We’ve got a great copycat recipe you’ll definitely want to try.) We’re not knocking grandma’s famous recipe, but we’re here to offer one minor tweak that will provide major payoffs: Using Nature Nate’s Honey instead of processed sugar will yield softer, more flavorful cookies.

Choose any of these and rest easy knowing they have 100% pure, natural sweetness – you may just want to go ahead and make a double batch.